5 Top Reasons Why People Hire Virtual Fitness Coach

April 17, 2009

Have you ever heard of the term “virtual fitness coach”? Just like a personal trainer in the gym who will closely monitor your workout sessions, this type of coach will serve as your personal coach. The only difference is that you will not have a face-to-face interaction– it will all be done through consultations and communications online.

Amp Up Your Personal Fitness Training with a Virtual Fitness Coach

First up, let us take a look at the role that a virtual fitness coach plays on your personal physical training so that you can have a head start with meeting your workout goals.

These days, a lot of people find it difficult to squeeze in some serious workout time to have serious workout sessions, what with all the things that they have to do at work at home. Let’s take a working mother as an example.

Rather than spending her time on personal fitness training sessions in the gym, she would rather work out at home so that she can watch over the kids while doing it. If she does it this way, there is a big possibility that she will not meet her weight loss goals because she does not have the benefit of having a personal trainer or instructor working beside her.

This is where a virtual coach for your workout sessions comes in. By hiring one, she can enjoy all the benefits of having a personal trainer in the gym – while having the freedom to workout at home.

Enumerating the Top 5 Reasons Why It Pays to Hire a Virtual Fitness Coach

So what are the top 5 reasons why it pays to hire a coach for your workout sessions? Take a look at the following list:

1. A virtual fitness coach will help you evaluate your current level of being fit on the onset of the training program.
2. Once your initial strength level is determined, an instructor will be able to help you create a personalized fitness training program so that you can reach your weight loss goals.
3. This type of coach can double up as a morale booster, to give you the encouragement you need when you are lagging in your personal training program.
4. A virtual fitness coach is the best motivator for you to pursue your weight loss goals.
5. Unlike hiring a personal trainer in the gym, seeking the help of this type of a coach is usually more cost-effective.

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Through their site, you can get nutritional advice and enjoy all the benefits associated with having a personal trainer in the gym while having the freedom to workout at your own pace, right in the comfort of your own home.


Get in Shape – Hire Personal Fitness Instructor

March 16, 2009

Fit and fine body structure is a sign of healthy living. A well shaped body adds to your confidence. You can have a perfect body if you do proper work out daily. There are various ways to give shape to your body. You can join a Gym or hire a personal fitness instructor.

There are many advantages to have a fitness instructor come to your home:-

  • Increase Your Energy Level: If you are feeling tired, lacking in energy, demotivated and feel the need to try a different and fresh approach to improving your health and fitness, personal fitness training provides you more energized and better way to get fit. As you start to feel fitter you will want to eat healthier food so losing weight becomes easier.
  • Improving Your Appearance: A personal fitness trainer will design special courses matching your health, aims and objectives. Thus Personal fitness training is helpful for improving your overall appearance of the body.
  • Helpful in Curing Diseases: Personal fitness training sessions are pretty good and effective alternative to stay healthy without any inconvenience. It helps people who are suffering from arthritis, diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and many other health related problems. Regular exercise results in reducing the symptoms.
  • Saves Time and Convenient: A personal fitness coach come to your home and saves the time of driving to the gym. This is helpful for those with a hectic schedule. Personal training sessions provide a convenient way to get fit at your home or office at any day instead of gym hours.
  • Improved self-confidence: A physical fitness trainer motivates you to exercise and make a healthy fitness plan for you. A personal trainer gives you real reasons to exercise thus results in increasing your confidence level.

Go and hire a certified and professional fitness instructor today and get a fitness plan sorted for yourself.

Balanced Diet Chart

March 12, 2009

Diet plays a vital role in keeping and maintaining a healthy body. To maintain a healthy body it is necessary to focus on Healthy diet and regular exercise to be fit. The key to a healthy diet is to eat a variety of healthy foods. The Balance of Good Health shows the type of food and proportions required to achieve a well balanced diet.

Keeping a balanced diet chart is not only a great method to combat obesity and diseases, but one of the good ways to lose weight. Diet chart below can give you a basic idea as what diet should you follow in your day to day life while keeping your exercise routine in pace.


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Tips for Getting Fitness at Home

March 2, 2009

A person is said to be physically fit if he or she is physically sound, healthy and he or she has the ability to perform physical activities well. Nowadays more than 60 % of people say that they don’t have enough time to running for an hour or hit the gym. But all these people want to be fit and get into better shape.

No doubt people all over the world are more and more health conscious, but most of them don’t know how actually complete fitness can be achieved. Although one can prepare his / her personal fitness plan provided some important tips and precautions have been taken into consideration, otherwise it can cause adverse effects.

Online books and videos about fitness training can be helpful to some extent but has the drawback of non confirmation that you are adopting them correctly.

If you can not visit gyms or health clubs and also are not able to make up your mind to rely upon books or videos, then the best option for you could be hiring a personal trainer for few days. Personal training sessions are very popular these days among people who want a focused fitness program designed for their individual needs and implementing it in the right direction at their own place.

You may hire a certified and professional personal fitness Coach who can provide you fitness training sessions with a well organized fitness plan as per your age, sex, medical condition and your daily works schedule at your home or office.

Benefits of hiring a Personal Fitness Coach :

Diet plan – Personal fitness coach prepare daily diet plan in which he / she decides that what are your calorie requirements and how can you get it perfectly. Fitness trainer know very well that according to trainee’s age, height, weight and medical condition what calories requires to get high fitness results.

Fitness training sessions – On the basis of trainee’s age, sex, weight, height and medical condition fitness instructor prepares the physical exercise session plan in which he or she decides what type of exercise is required for trainee and which exercise a trainee should do first and for how many times. Fitness coach divides the whole fitness programs in different small sessions and set the priorities and time of exercise according to particular fitness trainee. This training program you can further continue by yourself at your home.

Exercise Equipments- Personal fitness trainer generally bring fitness equipments needed for exercising and also can guide you what kind of equipments you should use to carry on with your fitness program.

Physical and Mental fitness – Perfect physical fitness is directly correlated to mental fitness.

Do not wish to visit Gym – Hire a Personal Fitness Trainer

February 5, 2009

To many people, the idea of getting in shape involves heading to the gym, paying for an expensive membership they may not use very often, and doing whatever exercises seem like a good choice at the moment. The good news is that you don’t have to go to the gym to get in shape. Instead, hire a personal fitness trainer.

Why Choose a Fitness Instructor?

There are a number of reasons why having your own fitness coach can do wonders for your ability to get in shape. For one, a personal fitness trainer will be able to develop an exercise plan that fits your specific needs. The trainer looks at where you are now in terms of fitness and develops a plan to get you moving.

The trainer can also provide you with key exercises to help you work on your problem areas or to assist you in achieving specific goals. For example, if you’re trying to build lean muscle mass, your physical fitness trainer can give you tips and strategies for doing just that.

Other Reasons to Choose this Route

When you have a trainer of your own, you don’t have to go to the gym, he or she will bring the fitness training sessions directly to you. They should have the equipment you’ll need and can bring it to your home or your office so you can get your exercise in the most convenient way possible.

Many people also like the idea of having these personal training sessions, especially when they are just starting out with a new exercise routine because they are embarrassed to be working out in front of other people. At the gym, they’ll be surrounded by people who are already in great shape which can be intimidating.

Picking the Right Trainer

The final question becomes how do you choose that trainer for your needs? As many trainers could be found online, but choosing a right trainer is most important. Make sure that the fitness trainer you hire should be certified and professional having expertise in delivering fitness training sessions.

Why Personal fitness trainers are more in demand?

January 27, 2009

Most of us don’t like the idea of exercising, but we do know that it’s important if we want to look and feel good for years to come. Sometimes that motivation to head to the gym just isn’t there. That’s one of the reasons why more people should consider personal training and its multitude of benefits.

Physical Benefits

When you work with a personal fitness trainer, you’re going to find some important physical benefits. For one, the trainer is going to evaluate your fitness levels and determine a program that is going to help you reach your health goals and that will take into consideration your present state of fitness. Because of the professional fitness training, you’re going to be much less likely to suffer some type of injury while in the middle of training. You’ll also see reduced body fat, reduced body weight, and improved muscle tone much faster than you would without these services.

Psychological Benefits

During any exercise program, you’ll have times when you don’t want to go to the gym or get on the equipment. You won’t want to run that extra lap or head to the pool. You might even start looking in the mirror and wondering why you’re bothering when you’re not seeing results. This decrease in motivation and confidence is normal, but they often sidetrack even the most dedicated. With the help of a certified fitness trainer / fitness instructor, however, that’s not going to happen. He or she can walk you through these difficult periods and help you recover from the rough patches of training to go on and achieve your goals.

Cost Benefits

Although many people assume hiring personal fitness instructor is expensive, you can actually save money by choosing this route. Professional trainers have all of the equipment you need so you don’t need to spend thousands on exercise pieces or gym memberships ever again. Instead, the trainers come to the location of your choice with all of the materials and tools you’re going to need to get physically fit and to stay that way well into the future.

Personal Fitness Coach – Exercise at Home

December 29, 2008

There are not a lot of individuals who live to exercise. Instead, many are forced to exercise to live. Having to head to the gym every day in the rain or snow, being forced to wait for exercise and weight machines and having to share showers and locker rooms with complete strangers can easily put one off of exercising. One of the tricks to overcoming these obstacles is to find a personal fitness trainer to come to the home or office.

Advantages of a Fitness Coach

Of course one of the main advantages of personal fitness training is all the disadvantages of going to the gym. No longer is there the issue of traveling to the gym in inclement weather, having to wait for a machine, or having to mingle with strange sweaty bodies. Having a fitness instructor come to the home or office saves time and inconvenience.

In addition a professional fitness trainer is able to formulate a workout routine to suit the individual. Time to exercise, physical condition and likes and dislikes when it comes to fitness activities are all taken into account. From this information the trainer will devise a specific activity or groups of activities with the perfect level of difficulty to suit the individual.

Personal attention is another advantage of having a physical fitness trainer come to the home or office. The whole time the client is exercising the trainer is focused on that client making sure exercises are done correctly. In addition the trainer provides the right amount of push and motivation to make the workout routing an effective challenge.

How to Choose Fitness Trainers?

Choosing a personal trainer can be rather difficult, as there are many qualified individuals available. Choose a trainer with experience. Look for someone that offers varying types of exercise both aerobic and strengthening. Look for a personal trainer that will also provide advice on eating properly and provide suggested menus for losing weight and gaining muscle. Finally try and find a trainer that stands out amongst the other.